Matthew Schroyer

Working with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, R, Python, and Arduino to answer questions and find solutions.

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Traffic Dataviz

A vizualization of a morning commute from January to August 2015 in the OKC metro area. GPS data was logged on an Android device, parsed with Python, and vizualized using Cesium.js and a CartoDB basemap.

Three.js Heart Viz

Developed for a college anatomy class, this Three.js visualizes a model of a human heart. With this heart visualization, students can study the heart, even on a smartphone while they're on the bus. This digital version of the physical model was scanned using hundreds of photos, and digitized using Agisoft Photoscan. Three.js provides an easy way to render the .obj and .mtl files that are exported by Photoscan.

Hike up Elk Mountain

A virtual trip up Elk Mountain in Oklahoma, using HTML5, GIS files, Cesium.js, and Panellum.js. The user can visualize the path up the mountain, its relationship surrounding mixed grass prairie, and sample the flora and fauna (including the state reptile).